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RHS are a leading insourcing services provider to NHS hospitals across the UK, facilitating the NHS to reduce RTT waiting times and meet waiting time targets. We offer staffing solutions to endoscopy, teleradiology and ophthalmology departments for a large number of NHS Trusts, meaning that patients can receive the highest level of clinical care from a 24-hour insourcing service.

RHS have recently partnered with international healthcare service, Columbia Asia with the aim of providing the NHS with outpatient and weekend services. The insourcing and outsourcing staffing solutions that this partnership enables RHS to offer means that the NHS can meet waiting time targets, solve staffing shortage issues, and provide the highest quality of healthcare to their patients 24-hours a day, 7-days a week.

RHS Medical Team

Our medical team at RHS is made up of consultants, doctors and clinical management staff that are highly qualified and hold reputable positions within the NHS. RHS have extensive experience working with NHS organisations and hospitals and understand the pressures that medical boards are under to meet service targets and reduce RTT waiting times.

Our experienced staffing solution project managers meet with service managers of clinical organisations to ascertain service pressures and staffing issues and create bespoke initiatives to provide diagnostic services, staffing and service solutions. A fully costed proposal is drawn up and our team of consultants and medical staff then begin the implementation process. Following implementation, reviews are important for acknowledging patient and staff feedback as well as the success of the initiative.

The insourcing services that RHS provide to the NHS not only benefit medical boards and hospitals, but more importantly benefit the patients that their hospitals care for. Patients can be met at times that are most convenient to them, be that out of hours or at weekends and won't be concerned with a reduced standard of care.

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